Invest in your happiness, health, and well-being all year long with a community of like-minded people. This video course will help you build a happier life in 2021!

How It Works

The Happiness Project Experience is a 12-month video course designed to boost your happiness—without demanding a lot of time or energy. With a flexible structure, monthly calls with Gretchen, a private community, expert interviews, and more, this tool helps you identify the resolutions that will bring more happiness to your life—and then helps you keep those resolutions.

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Identify your resolutions

As soon as you sign up, I’ll help you identify the resolutions that will have the biggest impact on your life.

Achieve your happiness goals

Enjoy a happier life with a renewed focus on growth and making time for yourself.

Designed to Boost Your Happiness

The Happiness Project Experience will help you create and sustain your very own happiness project. I believe that when we take time to reflect on how to incorporate happiness into our daily routines, we can lead more fulfilling, productive, and creative lives.

This Course Is For You If…

✓ …you feel stuck and want some structure and support to make changes in your life.

✓ …you know you could be happier and healthier if you made a few small changes, but you’re not quite sure what changes to make or how to start.

✓ …you’ve tried to do a happiness project, but struggled to stick with it.

✓ …you want to be intentional to make time for yourself this year.

✓ …you want to make steady progress all year, instead of just making too many unrealistic. resolutions in January that you don’t keep.

✓ …you got off track with your healthy habits in 2020 and want a jumpstart.

✓ …you want to connect with other people who are prioritizing their health and happiness.

Make 2021 your happiest year yet!

Here’s What The Program Looks Like

The minute you sign up, you’ll have immediate access to the first 8 videos and worksheets that go over the big picture of the entire year. You can even jump in right away brainstorming and selecting your January resolutions. Self-knowledge is the opening theme for our year-long program. Slightly different from the subsequent themes, January is all about preparation. By spending time reflecting on yourself, you’ll know yourself better, and as a result, be able to identify what will make you happier. Each month has a chosen theme, but all participants will pick their own unique resolutions under the umbrella of that theme.

12 Months of Instruction

Each month you’ll watch video lessons related to that month’s theme, plus get supporting weekly emails, worksheets, and bonus videos.

50+ Video Lessons

In more than 50 high-quality video lessons, you’ll explore each month’s theme and why it matters for a happy life. Gretchen shares specific examples, tips, and strategies.

SMS Check-Ins

You’ll have the option to sign up for text messages check-ins from Gretchen. Stay on track with your resolutions and get tips along the way, right on your phone!

12 Live Calls with Gretchen

Join Gretchen every month for a live call where participants can ask her anything and share progress or challenges for that month. 

15 Expert Interviews

Every month includes a video interview with 1 or 2 people whose area of expertise overlaps with that month’s theme. Check out some of our speakers below!

Private Community

During the course, you can join the 2021 private community where you can connect and share what you’re learning with other participants.

What People Are Saying…

Monthly Expert Interviews

Susan Cain

New York Times, best-selling author of Quiet

Joshua Becker

Author of The Minimalist Home

Grace Bonney

Author of Design • Sponge

Melissa Dahl

Senior editor at New York Magazine’s The Cut

Chris Guillebeau

Bestselling author; Side Hustle School podcast

Rangan Chatterjee

Author, podcaster, and star of the BBC One Series, Doctor In The House

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Here’s What You Get:

✓ 12 months of instruction, guidance, live calls, and community

✓ Texts from Gretchen to nudge and support you


$62.50/mo. (x4)

Here’s What You Get:

✓ 12 months of instruction, guidance, live calls, and community

✓ Texts from Gretchen to nudge and support you

✓ Simple payment plan to spread cost over the next 4 months

Frequent Questions

Once I purchase the course, when will it start?

The minute you sign up, you’ll gain immediate access to the introductory videos and worksheets that provide an overview of the entire year. You’ll also gain access to all content for the month of January, so you can jump in right away to start brainstorming your January resolutions. The course officially begins on January 1, 2021. New content for the upcoming month unlocks on the 26th of the previous month.

How does the payment plan work?

If you would like the convenience of spreading out the cost of the course, you may purchase the payment plan option. You will be charged $62.50 each month for 4 consecutive months starting this month. The total course price of $250 is charged in four installments.

What happens when the year is over?

When the year is over you will feel so proud of yourself for all you have accomplished—gold star for investing in yourself and your happiness! You have access to the course from the date you purchase through December 31, 2021. Your plan will not auto-renew. If you’re interested in maintaining access to the material and participating in the live calls, text messages, and private community in 2022, there will be an option to purchase an ongoing subscription next December.

I have already read your book, is this still for me?

Even if you’ve read my book The Happiness Project, this experience will help you implement all the ideas and tips through personalized, concrete, and manageable resolutions. The course also offers accountability that a book simply can’t, thanks to a private community in the Better app, SMS messages throughout each month, and monthly live calls with me. If you haven’t read The Happiness Project, you don’t need to read it in order to participate in the course. If you want to get the book after you take the course to continue pondering the ideas, terrific, but not required.

What countries does this work for?

The course is available to anyone with an internet connection. Internet is required to watch the videos, download the worksheets, participate in live calls, and connect with the community. The SMS check-ins will be available for US/Canada phone numbers and via Whatsapp for international participants.

How long do I have access to the course content?

Purchasing the 2021 course grants you access to all the videos, worksheets, and live calls from now until December 31, 2021. If you’re interested in maintaining access to the material and continuing to participate in the live calls with Gretchen in 2022, there will be an option to subscribe next year. Your plan will not auto-renew if this is your first year.

What if I don’t want to receive text messages?

The SMS component of this course is completely optional. The primary course content is all available on the course website. You can choose to sign up for text message check-ins from Gretchen—but it’s not necessary in order to be a part of the course. The text messages from Gretchen are designed to nudge you, encourage you, and help you stay on track with your resolutions. If you’re going away or need to pause, you can stop and restart the text messages at any time. Don’t worry: we value your privacy and we will never share your number. The only messages you will receive are from Gretchen.

What are my payment options?

At this time, we only accept payment via credit card. We take privacy and protection of personal information very seriously. We do not view, save or store credit card information. Credit card information does not reside in our system in any way. To handle credit cards, we use Stripe, the same credit card processing platform used by millions of online retailers. This enables us to provide our courses with the safety of our users in mind.

How do I purchase this course as a gift?

Thank you for your interest in spreading happiness this holiday season! Please email my customer service team using the button below and they will explain the process for purchasing as a gift.

About Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen Rubin is the author of several books, including the blockbuster New York Times bestseller, The Four Tendencies, Better Than Before, The Happiness Project, and Happier at Home. She has an enormous readership, both in print and online, and her books have sold three million copies worldwide, in more than thirty languages.

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