The Happiness Project Experience 2021

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The next “Ask Me Anything” call will be: Tuesday, October 19 at 12pm ET/9am PT.

Reminder: you will need to have installed the Zoom app to attend this call. Details for how to join are here.

Course Content

The Happiness Project Experience: Introduction
Let’s lay the foundation.
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January 2021
Who are you and what truly makes YOU happier?
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February 2021
Think about how to boost your energy.
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March 2021
Establish more outer order around you.
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April 2021
Build connections to others.
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May 2021
Improve your life at work.
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June 2021
Shine a spotlight on your passions.
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July 2021
Strengthen your bonds to your “family.”
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August 2021
Eliminate a happiness stumbling block.
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September 2021
Bring more love into your life.
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October 2021
Think about your body.
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November 2021
Contemplate the transcendent.
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December 2021
Reflect on the past year.
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The Happiness Project Experience AMA Calls 2021
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The Happiness Project Experience Resources 2021
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